2018 has been a groundbreaking year in wine and hip hop culture. This week Jermaine breaks down the year’s best and brightest with the show’s co-creators  Terrence Riley and Jerome Fenton at the first annual Wine & Hip Hop Awards.

Episode 10: 2018 Wine & Hip Hop Awards

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Producer / Brand of the Year



Luc Belaire


Maison Nior Wines


Armand De Brignac aka Ace of Spades



Dujac win.png

Best Wine Reference in a Rap Song


File_001 (1).png

The Carters - “Happy Love”

“No more clubs and cali curfews / just private affairs and a tighter circle/ large format wines in small settings/ just hood ass ni&&@z in designer suits”


Drake - “Diplomatic Immunity”

“Come at me and all you’ll get is the ballistic report / booked a private room at Wally’s waiter twisting the cork”.


Jay Z - “Top off” Featuring The Carters & Future

“Dujac by the mag that’s how we do wine”.


Pardison Fontane “Backin' it up it up” Featuring Cardi B

You want somethin' more than just physical (Word)
It's been a while since you met someone original (Word)
You spend your time drinkin' wine in your livin' room
All that good pussy, can't find the one to give it to (What?)



21 Savage -”Padlock”

Lately, I been on my grind (Straight up)/25 hundred on wine (Facts)/50 thousand on a suit, it's a good investment/ yah, 'cause the deal worth dyin' (21)

2018 Moment In Wine and Hip Hop

The Moment in Wine & Hip Hop Award


1. Lebron James suggests to the press that drinking wine every day is responsible for playing the best basketball in his life.

2. Dj Khaled’s declaration of love for Dujac on Instagram.

3. Roc Nation’s weekly meetings over Dujac, affectionately named “Dujac Meetings”.

4. Future’s Stubhub commercial.

5. Issa Rae’s Insecure Wine Down on HBO.


Isa win.png

Issa Rae’s Insecure Wine Down on HBO

Wine and Hip Hop Connoisseur of the Year Award

jay win.png

Who is hip hop’s biggest wine connoisseur? Appreciation is one thing, but who can we really say is an expert judge of Wine & Hip Hop? This year’s connoisseur of the year award goes to The Big Homie…. Jay Z

Wine & Hip Hop For the Culture Award

Lebron win.png

Who is putting on for the culture? This award is given to the year’s biggest ambassador of wine & hip hop culture. For 2018 we select Lebron James

Wine & Hip Hop GOAT Award


To be the greatest of all time… The top of every category for an extended period of time.If you’re looking for the origin point for Wine & Hip Hop culture look for Andre Mack. Ask around, anyone informed opinion will tell you that Andre was the first person to successfully blend wine and hip hop culture.

Going from Head sommolier at Thomas Kellers Michelin star NY restaurant Per Se he transitioned to winemaker and entrepreneur. Since day one he’s been sure to drop a splash of hip hop culture in everything from his Pinot Noir OPP, to his merch line. Shout out to this year’s recipient of the Wine and Hip Hop GOAT Award, Andre Mack