Dustin Wilson Episode 13 Wine And Hip Hop

Episode 13: the notorious somm Featuring dustin wilson

What is a sommelier? This week we caught up Master Sommelier, Wine Merchant, and star of the Somm trilogy Dustin Wilson, to put us on about his favorite wine region, Northern Rhône. Although France is a long way from Bedstuy, they found that the Rhône essence embodies The Notorious BIG’s hardest songs to date, “Who Shot ya” (not up for debate). Learn how he’s shining light on a slept on region and what it was like to be a part of a movie that sparked a cultural revolution. The taste level on this one is 1000…. Enjoy. 





Wine :

Northern Rhone 

Hip Hop :

Who Shot Ya - Notorious BIG


Jermaine Stone and Dustin Wilson on Wine and Hip Hop