Wine and Hip Hop Episode 10: 2018 Wine & Hip Hop Awards

wine and hip hop awards 2018

2018 has been a groundbreaking year in wine and hip hop culture. This week Jermaine breaks down the year’s best and brightest with the show’s co-creators  Terrence Riley and Jerome Fenton at the first annual Wine & Hip Hop Awards. 

Best Wine Reference in a Rap Song

The nominees are:

1. 21 Savage - “Padlock”

2. Pardison “Fontane Backin' it up it up” Featuring Cardi B

3. Drake - “Diplomatic immunity”

4. The Carters - “Happy Love” 

5. Jay Z - “Top Off”

Producer / Brand of the Year

The nominees are:

1.Bel Air 


3.Ace of Spades

4. Maison Nior - Andre Mack

The Moment in Wine & Hip Hop Award

1. Lebron James suggests to the press that drinking wine every day is responsible for playing the best basketball in his life. 

2. Dj Khaled’s declaration of love for Dujac on Instagram.

3. Roc Nation’s weekly meetings over Dujac, affectionately named “Dujac Meetings”. 

4. Future’s Stubhub commercial.

5. Isa Rae’s Insecure Wine Down on HBO. 

Wine and Hip Hop Connoisseur of the Year Award

WHH For the Culture Award

Wine & Hip Hop GOAT Award